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In Delhi yet again (should be a fleeting visit), though I deem it inappropriate to waste yet another blog on it, especially since my affection for the city would be more than obvious by now ;-)� However, in line with past traditions, I must mention the temperature here � 29 degrees (but very sultry!).

My eyes caught this ad at the airport during the arduous wait for luggage:

�For once, your wife will make your life less interest-ing�.

Had me baffled for a while. Only once I read the fine print did I realize that it was a bank announcing lesser interest rates, provided, a couple applies for a bank loan together. Now notice this very fine and subtle pun on the word �interest� (sic!). Why do these disreputable ad-agencies unleash their atrocities on unsuspecting minds? (or should I mind my own business here ;-))

posted: 14.7.03

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