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Good Bye

I recently attempted getting to the wrong side of the flowers. I say “wrong side” because honey-bees, butterflies, humming birds (and even photographers in general) don’t bother themselves with this side; making personages such as me a statistical minority.

And does it not look like that the flower farther away (one in sharp focus) is moving away from one that is near? They are even waving good-byes to each other!
posted: 11.10.05


Nice one...yes, you are in the "statistical minority". A different perspective..indeed!

By Blogger Kartik, at 12.10.05  

That turquoise and that pink has some happy childhood memories associated with it.

Thanks for the perspective!

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 12.10.05  

:-) I'd think of it more as turning the face up to the sky sokaing in the good weather with a whimsical smile on the face and a gentle sway to the limbs - both the flower and you lying below!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 13.10.05  

nice imagination :)

By Blogger Rash, at 13.10.05  

Thanks Kartik!

Thanks Inky!

Thanks Geetanjali.. that is another very plausible interpretation of the picture :-)

Thanks Rash!

By Blogger Deepak, at 16.10.05  

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