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What you see, is what I see too -
that harem of hens,
King Rooster - cock-a-doodle-doo
Playing across the same fence
I also see some food -
food so big and bellicose,
I just crouch and brood.
(This my friend is my repose)



p.s. The picture of the kitten was cropped to eliminate distracting background.
posted: 17.5.05


Very red, very :)

By Blogger ash, at 18.5.05  

The rooster looks far too majestic to be a prey, and mistah kitten is being quite cheeky!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18.5.05  


Majestic Rooster:
Outside it causes consternation
Inside, that would be constipation

By Blogger Deepak, at 18.5.05  

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