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The Learned Crow
Before I came off that impressionable age
Mum placed me under monks’ tutelage
Since this place, was also my home
I could cram our theological tome
And now, whenever I caw at a congregation
They hear me devoutly, with rapt attention


posted: 21.4.05


The photographs are amazing!

By Blogger Sunrayz, at 22.4.05  


amazing,just amazing..........

By Blogger KJ, at 23.4.05  

Love the new template!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23.4.05  

Thanks Sunrayz!

Thanks KJ!

Thanks Inky! Glad you liked the new template, I was concerned - this is a little radical by my austere standing :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 24.4.05  

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