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Life is like a game of Tetris. Now it makes sense, now it does not. And more often than not, it does not - for when it does it gets snipped off - at least the parts thereof, that do (make sense), are (snipped off).

I write this as if in a reverie; like a Chopin nocturne.
posted: 3.12.04


I don't know what Tetris or a Chopin nocturne are, but when life is looking bewildering, a reverie is probably the best way to approach it. :)

By Blogger Deirdre, at 3.12.04  

Hi! Have been meaning write this for awhile now. So here I am. I read your blog pretty regularly becuase I am from Bangalore :) and your blog takes me there! Thanx! You write well and your photos are great.Can I ask which camera you use. I am planning to invest in a digital camera,so I am wondering what your camera is? Have a good weekend.

By Blogger Sunrayz, at 3.12.04  

Hi Deirdre - point taken.. reverie it is then for me ;-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 4.12.04  

Hi Sunrayz,

Thanks for reading! The Powers that be have been kind to have moved me to Bangalore, had it not been for this city, I would have very nearly ended up as a wreck :-)

The camera I use is (now a year old) DImage XT. While I am very happy with it, I recently discovered while interacting with a fellow blogger that there is no Minolta service center here in Bangalore - something you might want to ponder on before you decide to go for it. I'll also recommend scouring DP Review before making the final choice - the digital photography is a vibrant and protean one I am certain that there are better (and cheaper) options available!


By Blogger Deepak, at 4.12.04  

Just to add to what you said, Deepak: "I am certain that there are better (and cheaper) options available!" That could be true, and I've got no idea what's available in India (I'm in Australia). But I just bought a digital camera for the first time - a DiMage X31 - & I've been really pleased with its performance so far. The manual that came with it is written so clearly that even a novice like myself has no trouble understanding it. And the camera has (so far) given no hint of trouble. (Fingers crossed for further happy days...)

By Blogger Deirdre, at 7.12.04  

Deepak, I frankly find your appreciation of western classical music something to look up to - coming from me it is no flattery, because I have been interested in the compositions of Mozart and Beethoven for the past year or so.

I have taken a liking to "La Ci Darem La Mano" and the Horn Symphony no. 47, as with Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Eine Kline Nachtmusik. Beethoven's Concerto no. 5
'Emperor' is also pretty flamboyant...

I havent learnt music as such, though and somehow as much as I can appreciate the music, I do not understand it. I feel this is a handicap. Incidentally I too am from Bangalore though I am in Baroda on business. I find your blogs and photography interesting. Keep up the great work.


By Blogger jhgasuhvkjahklnsdlksnlknmlwvlckn, at 28.12.04  

Thanks for reading Rajesh! Given the number of comments (between 0 and 1) I usually get on my blog when I write about western classical - I sometimes wonder if they are read at all! Looks like they are!

I've heard very little of Mozart, esepcially given the volume of work he produced - and honestly, I haven't ventured near his symphonies yet! I love some of his Piano Concertos and I have a brilliant recording of his Harp and Flute concerto; one feels ethereal listening to it!

Beethoven is a different matter altogehter - he is - to put it plainly - my hero! And I persue his works with an academic dilligence. His music exercises an influence on me that I can scarcely put down in words!

Glad to know that you appreciate western classical. Very few people I know do. Don't worry too much about understanding it - enjoying it is more important! Frankly, I sometime find my appreciation encumbered by my understanding. But gosh, there is so much to learn! I find myself confronted with entire 400 years of glorious legacy and have say just a tenth of that time left to imbibe it all!

Let me know if you are looking to expand your collection anytime soon - I'll be glad to offer suggestions on what you should pick next!

By Blogger Deepak, at 28.12.04  

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