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While walking in the fog
I heard a haunting song
I turned to my left, agog,
and saw you walk along

Then, as if by a queer chance,
the wind howled, the sun shone
and you,like fog of moments ago,
were a distant silhouette; bygone

posted: 23.11.04



By Blogger sajith, at 23.11.04  

Amazing Pictures, whre did you take these? Was it on your trip to Nandi Hills, Since there you have mentioned about Fog, or was this anywhre on your early morning walks in Bangalore?.

By Blogger suraj, at 23.11.04  

Thanks Sajith.

Hi Suraj, these were indeed taken during the Nandi Hills trip. The hills were dream-like few days ago! I have a few more pictures from the trip that I'll sort and post shortly...

By Blogger Deepak, at 23.11.04  

Nice. Reminds me of my own 'dynamically typed' poetry...


- Swaroop

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30.11.04  

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