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Its 5:37 in the morning. I am sitting in my cubicle at office having just returned to Bangalore after clocking over 18 hrs of in-flight time (with another 9 hrs spent at three airports). My last flight was at an unmanly time of 3:00 AM from Mumbai. Upon landing, I found myself confronted with total lack of sleep and a funny dazed, uncooperative state of mind; and yet the feeling of guilt for not having blogged for more than a week to have registered with a sudden certitude, only goes on to reassert how seriously I have started taking my blog of late ;-).

To cut the long story short, I am back and will blog regularly next week, a busy social and professional calendar notwithstanding.

p.s. I am wondering if after reaching home, thanks to the economy class travel of last few days, my body will demand of me to sleep in a cramped chair in an upright position.

posted: 9.4.04

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