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Murphy's Law revisits me with unmistakable clarity

Given the consistency of rains for last few days, I can safely herald the start of "rainy season" in Bangalore. Should've actually started about 30 days earlier, but better late than never, so I am sure no one is lamenting... Stepped out from Koshy's into an auto who was determined to make the most of downpour and true to what is expected of auto drivers in Bangalore, played truant - I had no choice but to relent to his demands. My cellphone battery was almost drained out and so the phone was making its displeasure heard by periodically beeping dark notes in minor scale. Once I was at home, I reached out for the nearest plug point. Now before I could plug the charger in - *poof* darkness, voila! a power cut! The realization that I had run out of matches just this morning made me feel as if Murphy's ghost was plotting an elaborate prank - which was confirmed once I saw that this morning's toil (read laundry) was already resembling drenched poodle. (nothing could go wrong now, all that could, had!) I'd be soon drunk with eerie cocktail of solitude and darkness - but wait - I've got a notebook, the battery should last me at least 3 hours! Nothing makes for a better light source than a blank word document :-)... (which takes care of the darkness, and lets leave solitude alone for a while). Just when "boondon se baten" (from Takshak) was setting mood for rest of the night the power came back - time to feed my cellphone battery its once_in_three_day meal of electrons.
posted: 4.6.03

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