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It wasn't that I was up against writer's block. That couldn't have been, for I haven't been much of a writer in the first place (that is if you write off the hundred of e-mails that I answer as course of my job everyday ;-)). Yet I didn't have a blog. It wasn't ever the shortage of time that kept me from it, it was shortage of things to write about. That seems to have undergone a sea-change since I moved to Bangalore. And of course since I have taken to reading again (partly out of interest, partly to escape the torments unleashed by hobgoblins of solitude ;-)), I seem to have re-discovered my gift for being playful with words.

But why a blog? Why not keep a diary? I am a firm believer of the old maxim - keep a diary today, and the diary will keep you all your life! I am hoping that since a blog is open to the rest of the world, my degree of candidness would be restrained to sensible generosity :-)...

So here it is my first blog entry. Nothing fancy, just a random train of thoughts (isn't this what blogging is all about ;-)), manifesting itself on paper (more on it in my next log), as I am occasionally distracted by menacing housefly at St. Mark's road Barista (1 | 2 | 3), whose calisthenics against the glass window pane seem remarkably in sync with the music being belted out (which is seldom to my taste at Baristas). And if you have made it so far, it seems that it would be fair to declare what you should be expecting from my blog. Let the word "random" be your guiding force there! Jokes (was that even faintly funny ;-)) apart, it would mostly be philosophical rants, critiques of music that I am presently listening to (expect everything from Beethoven to Dave Matthews Band to latest Rahman flick), commentary on books (with occasional quotes worth my blog ;-)) and Art (contemporary digital and Dali - oh btw 11th was his Birthday).

I've finally run out of cappuccino and it seems along with it of steam to continue further. Signing off (with hopes that my first blog entry doesn't turn out to be my last one :-))
posted: 12.5.03

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