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A blogger's dilemma and intricacies of human behavior...

My blog is now 4 entries strong (including the log you are traversing through right now, oh btw I think 4 entries long is a better phrase). First a brief, vivid (yet inconsequential) description of settings under which I am doing this blog. (Something tells me that this is the most sentimentally elaborate blog I'll ever churn, so please bear with me for the next few sentences). The weather here in Bangalore for last 3 or so days has been bordering on perfection. Its 10:22 PM, and my trusted Altec Lensing speakers are emanating soothing sound of "Oh Vennila" (which when translated to English means "Oh Moon") [a composition by A. R. Rahman from the movie "Kadhal Desam"] - no this isn't coincidental as the chaste moonlight filters through the somewhat bushy cloud cover and renders itself magnificently on the marble floor of my home's balcony (imagine being at Taj today!), prompting the selection of song with these words (and O Vennila are the only words I understand in the entire song, just enough for my little, private, ode to moonlight :-)). Of course there's fine, soothing breeze laden with poignant aroma (not sure what it is, but it has had a surreal calming effect on me).

The biggest predicament that a blogger faces after the initial inertia of having started a blog wears out is how often is enough? Till date I've followed instincts, thoughts (right brain!). But instincts are mostly random - not bound by time of day or days of week, and my blogging pattern reflects that. Two updates on the very day I started this blog, another one a day after and then total calm for good two days. If you are a seasoned blogger, do drop me a line about your experiences after the euphoria died out... Is chaos your friend or is it order that actually makes things chaotic?

Another strange thought (rather obvious one at that) that struck me a day back is the contradiction between Blogging and Texting (SMS). Both are forms of communication which rely on words - one on verbosity and abundance of them, the other on paucity. So here I am saying more and more about less and less while I could be SMSing moments later trying to say less and less about more and more. Yet both are equally popular amongst youth - at times same person being apt at both acts! Isn't this a fine illustration of deep behavioral incongruity of perhaps God's finest creation - human beings - and I guess that this very unpredictability, this ambiguity makes us an interesting subject of ample curiosity for aliens observing from light-years away... Spare a thought.

The music in the background has (been?) changed to Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik (a little night music) the breeze, the moon, the night acting to amplify the turbulent tumult of emotions it usually generates!
posted: 18.5.03

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