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I must mention Anand M, who for want of better words "inspired" me to start blogging. Now he bears the brunt of providing me peer support as well.

I also thought it would be worth mentioning "how" I blog and I paste excerpts from a mail I exchanged with him sometime earlier today:

"Btw, I've been smitten by blogging bug as well. I still prefer to do things the old fashioned way. So my first blog has been done in fine blue ink (and even finer calligraphic hand of mine ;-)) on a *real* notepad - all set to be digitized and shown to the world. Will post you the link as soon as I've gotten over the laziness of keying it all in :-)...[Did I hear someone say *tablet pc* - yeah right ;-)]

Actually the reason I got back into the writing business is rather sad. I actually type faster than I write! The fruit of twelve+ years of cultivating a fine hand was ruined within three years of proximity to computers (and odd hours spent with them). So one fine day when I actually tried to scribble, I was appalled at the illegitimate scrawl that I had to call my "handwriting". I then took it upon myself to reform the state of affairs. Got myself a shiny new Hi-Tec Point V5 pilot pen, a decent *notepad* and started writing for the sake of it (at times just putting down random blabber, noise - but I was happy to be was writing again :-)). Today I have a legitimate hand - a calligraphic one (by very little stretch of imagination) at that! Re-acquiring this basic skill (which was crucial to your very existence just few years back) was hard and I would hate to lose it again.

As for tablet PCs, I miss the juicy flow of ink, the friction between the pen and the paper, the delicate "scrawling" noise that emanates when the pen gently drags itself against the paper and stuff that poetry is made of ;-)... (oh the joys of writing)"
posted: 12.5.03

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