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On dogs and men...
I met several dogs on our trek to Nandi Hills (yes I continue to harp on it for want of something that would eclipse that trip’s significance). They differed greatly - both in countenance and demeanor - from their urban cousins. To begin with, their coats were immaculate; devoid of grime, fleas or ticks. Being a keen observer of nature in general and of dogs in particular, I could state with a certain degree of surety that their exposure to humans is minimal and so whatever little impression they have formed of our race is a kind one.

Most people I’ve known, panic (even if to a small degree) at the very sight of dogs. Now they would do just fine if they were to conceal their affliction and carry on as usual – but alas they don’t! Their phobia overpowers them in various ways – the most common manifestation of which, is the increased pace of their walk. Other reactions include high pitched shrieks (with a soprano like timber)*, and the worst of them all – the propensity to pelt stones. This abrupt change in our disposition prompts our friendly city-bred canine creatures to approach humans with measured caution (bordering on consternation).

Their pastoral brothers however, demonstrated utmost, almost unexpected, curiosity. Indeed, some came extremely close to inspect the inner workings of my camera. One such fellow (who in retrospect, I have chosen to christen as Luki) stood peacefully at my feet, looked up to me, and almost broke into a little refrain – “My name is L-U-K-I! Who and Why are you!!?”

And what would a refrain be without an accompniment (click to listen)...

*With due apologies, I merely state the empirical here - this trait is most commonly observed among the fairer members of our species.
posted: 13.12.04


I must confess - I have always been scared of dogs. No, I have not had any terrifying experiences from which this fear stems. Irrational fears? Perhaps...but of course I don't think so.

By Blogger M, at 13.12.04  

“My name is L-U-K-I! Who and Why are you!!?”Hehe :) Love this.

By Blogger sajith, at 13.12.04  

Awww...cho chweet! Me also loved “My name is L-U-K-I! Who and Why are you!!?” :-)

Why would anyone be scared of those cute creatures - treat them nicely and they'll never harm you...more faithful than any human friend you'd find...DOGS RULE!!!

By Blogger G Shrivastava, at 13.12.04  

That you managed to put the doggy's thoughts into words and set it to tune, is simply .. quite awesome! :)

Good one!

By Blogger Nimbus, at 13.12.04  

Hi Manjusha - there was a time I think my early childhood days when I used to be dead scared of dogs. I would start running and that would serve a purpose contrary to what I intended - I would inadvertantly draw good deal of attention from dogs! I am not quite sure how and when the fear turned to affection..

Thanks Sajith!

Thanks Geets, one of the things I've been doing quite regularly (and subconsciously) is calling every stray dog with a (what I think is befitting) name. Those walking with me think I've gone to the dogs.. .:)

Thanks Megha!

By Blogger Deepak, at 15.12.04  

Dr. Deepak Dolittle :-), I loved this "multimedia" article and your way of looking at things.


By Blogger RK, at 15.12.04  

Thanks Anil! Glad you enjoyed it!

By Blogger Deepak, at 15.12.04  

Check this post on identity crisis of a dog
link is http://rojnamcha.blogspot.com/2004/12/blog-post_13.html

By Blogger Atul Arora, at 17.12.04  

Deepak - verbose, but a well-thought about subject. Mutts are the most noble of petland and should be treated much better. I mean imagine the 'humane' stories they'd, if only they could talk


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30.12.04  

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