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Ice crystals on my window

I am a big proponent of window seats when traveling; irrespective of the mode of commute. True to my habit, while traveling from Shanghai to Singapore, I inveigled a window seat; though it was a bit disappointing to discover that the window merely overlooked the colossal Boeing 777 wingspan, quashing any chance of catching a glimpse of the landscape below, almost completely. The disappointment was ephemeral, as I gradually realized that lack of fancy terrain does not always translate into lack of photo-ops!

Here is the enormous left wing of the Boeing craft (the initial cause of my dejection) that I had flown in. Since it tapers further away from window, it almost looks infinite, as if it is fusing far away with the horizon.

The sudden changes in atmospheric conditions outside, in particular the variation of temperature, as the plane gains altitude, can lead to interesting displays on your plane’s clean window pane. The window I was sitting next to, thanks to a light drizzle in the morning, had collected a small cache of scattered water droplets. The moment we were cruising at a height of about 37,000 feet, these accumulated droplets, crystallized into wonderful, glittering icicles (a must see in high-res, these make for an enchanting wallpaper)

posted: 6.3.04

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