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East and West

I’ve acquired an arduous knack for landing myself into a business trip on 14th February. Fortunately or unfortunately, the date is yet to assume any significance in my life and so I don’t mind traveling (in fact I look forward to it).

Last year I was returning from Seattle. I had risen early to allow myself time to grab a quick mocha over cinnamon croissant at the nearest Starbucks, before dashing off to catch my flight back to India. Despite the ruthless Seattle morning chill, I had spotted quite a few (besotted) men pacing up and down the streets with rose bouquets in their hands; the only visible sign of Valentines Day!

This year, while the rest of the world slipped into cozy candlelight dinners, I was hastily packing my bags for flight to Shanghai.

Here is a little poem that captures my travels and the beauty of human sentiments, particularly those associated with love…

East - West

I’ve traveled far and wide
Seen the world
At least in part

Met people
Witty, rude, dull, welcoming
And few very smart

East and west
Have sometimes felt
Like they are poles apart

And yet at times
I’ve found them similar
Despite differences in cultures, cuisines
And Art

Some things after all
don’t change, do they?
The sweet aroma of coffee, chocolates and roses
Or delicate matters of heart.

Here are two pictures around the East West theme (if instead of warm and mushy you are feeling down in dumps ;-)):

P.S. Came across this track in the Ravi Shankar album titled “Bridges” – “West Eats Meat”, couldn’t help smiling at the clever jugglery of alphabets (almost read it as “West Meets East” at first).

posted: 22.2.04

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