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The unmistakble signs of winters in Shanghai

I was staying at Han Shan road, a busy commercial district in Shanghai. The area was cluttered with restaurants, bars, cafeterias, office complexes and grandiose departmental stores; and yet the planning of the area was such, that there were plenty of trees and empty spaces/parks amongst the grey concrete structures. Unfortunately, its still winters in Shanghai – the bare, naked trees look rather sorry; though you would still find an occasional patch of soil in a corner in some park, blooming with flowers, defying the wrath of winter. Here are some of the pictures that I clicked while walking from hotel to office…

I rarely saw any leaf-bearing trees in Shanghai. By some queer stroke of fate, if a leaf had managed to cling to its branch, it would look parched, stiff, frail and crumpled; poised delicately, all set to fall sooner or later…

The same pestilence tormented berries and fruits too making some of them resemble dead balls of fur rather than material of plant origin!

This would probably seem like a weird metaphor. The moment I saw these two berries, I was reminded of an old couple, bound together by their vows of decades ago:

The dead tree in the foreground is humbled by the colorful canvas in background with its lush blossoming field and cloud adorned azure sky. The background stands in stark contrast to the ground realities of murky, dark heavens and steel-grey, hard road. (The canvas in the background is almost certainly an advert – isn’t this what advertising is all about):

posted: 26.2.04

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