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I've been passed a book meme by at least three people (Geetanjali, Megha, Rajesh) - I better honor it before bad luck befalls me! So here is all you need to know about my books:

Volume of Books owned: Never counted - I do however see two towers of babel growing taller each day. I suspect the number is close to 110.

Books I recently brought: It has been raining books for last two months. Either generous friends have been gifting me books or I've been running into books/authors I've I always wanted to read. Here are the ones that I have picked recently (I'll need to sit with a large scroll to take stock of ones I've been gifted so I'll overlook them for this blog entry):

  1. The Spire - William Golding

  2. 17 Lost Short Stories - Sommerset Maugham

  3. The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Last book I read: The Color Purple - Alice Walker. (A good friend's valiant attempt to introduce me to women writers/feminist works)

One book that I couldn't finish: Vikram Seth's - A Suitable Boy. It just droned on and on and on like of those despicable 'K' soaps at Star Plus. I finally gave up.

Five books I cherish:

  1. To The Ends Of The Earth - William Golding. You can find my earlier review here.

  2. A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens. I seem to like anything by Dickens. This one is exceptional in its portrayal of French Revolution. The plot is brilliant too!

  3. The Tempest - William Shakespeare. There is very little by Shakespeare that I've read but of what I have, his last work is my favorite. Yes, I like happy endings.

  4. The Piano Tuner - Daniel Mason. The novel, set in 19th century, tells us the tale of a piano tuner who is summoned from London on an unusual mission to fix a badly damanged piano in Burma. Daniel Mason's first novel!

  5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Victor Hugo. Djali and Gringoire feel like myself. Need I say more :)?

Now comes the hardest part! Who do I pass this on to? I'll start with Ink Spill, Esther and Manjusha.
posted: 5.7.05


And how did you find Color Purple? (asks another feminist)

PS The film adaptation is quite good!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 6.7.05  

Oh no I have been memed!!!! :o
Help! Help! Help!!

By Blogger Manjusha, at 6.7.05  

Hi Geets, found it ok. A little too stark for my taste. And when it does get better, it tends to veer towards sententious Paulo Coehlo territory. I am sure there are better women writers/writings :-)

p.s. I had loved Wuthering Heights and I hold nothing agains women writers.

Hey Majusha, I hope you do get down to finishing it one day. I won't plant hexes or curses for not doing so :).

By Blogger Deepak, at 11.7.05  

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